Friday, April 22, 2016

The Return of the Lion King

Finally after many years of exile, the true king of the pride lands Gondor has returned in all his glory!

But his journey to the throne was not easy.  He faced a period of time it was not safe for him to go back to his kingdom because of evil-doers who had their minds set on keeping the throne for themselves.

But he made some helpful friends...

...was encouraged by his wife-to-be....

...and returned to his kingdom--which he found in complete shambles.

But after an intense fight...

...and the fiery demise of his opponent...

...he lived happily ever after.


That was pretty fun to make :)  The Lion King is by far my favorite Disney movie (I don't care for Disney much, aside from it and The Little Mermaid).  Lots of people have compared The Lion King to Hamlet, but I thought it was high time someone compared it to The Lord of the Rings.

Also, I feel it is my duty to keep everyone up to date on all the fun Tolkien events I can't go, here's another one!

On the 17th of May in Staffordshire, at Cannock Library, there will be a lecture by the local historian David Robbie on the impact of World War I on Tolkien and his writing at 7 pm.

This is part of the month long exhibition about Tolkien in Staffordshire which continues throughout May.

The Cannock Library can be reached at (01543) 510365, or click here for more information.

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