Friday, April 8, 2016

The Oath Chapter VI

The conclusion!

Maedhros returned in the spring.

His banner was torn.

Horses walked without riders.

No longer were war cries heard in the hills.

Maedhros took off his helm.  His hair blew in the wind, falling into his eyes as he surveyed his land.  He looked at the innocent homes of his people and swallowed.  Then he went forth into the city.

He marched past the guards of the prison and set his helm down in front of a cell.

"Adanel..." his voice shook, "I failed them.  You were right.  Those elves lay dead because of me...because I could not see.  I was blind.  I am sorry."

Adanel nodded solemnly and looked up.  "But by the grace of the Valar your eyes have been opened.  My prayer did not go unheeded and Manwe lord of sight has enlightened you," she ran her finger across his brow, "and now you see."

Tears washed out Maedhros's eyes and landed on Adanel's hand.  She smiled at him.

"But, my lady," Maedhros said finally, "I cannot lift the Oath I have laid upon myself...and still I cannot bind myself to you; but it now not out of fear, but out of love.  I care too much for you to bring you into harm's way.  But I will here and now swear and Oath to you," his eyes burned with desperation, "If I fulfill my Oath, even if it takes until the last days of Arda, I swear to you, I will find you and we can be together.  Even if it is only in the Halls of Mandos."  His voice shook for a moment.

Adanel looked up.  "My lord...I will swear the same Oath unto you.  Until the last days of Arda."  Maedhros sighed and pulled her close.  "But until then, my lady, I must go on.  Doom drives me, but now, love.  For the closer I am to fulfilling my Oath to my father, the closer I am to fulfilling my Oath to you.  Therefore I must leave you, but I give you my heart."

"And a part of me will be with you wherever you travel.  And I have said it before, already our dooms have become alike and together or not I will carry your burden, at least in part, though we may share it if you will. For it is not in the likeness of the Eldar to forget one that they have loved.  And I shall not forget you."

And thus were Adanel and Maedhros parted, for a time.  And even as Maedhros and Maglor decided upon the Western shores of Middle-earth whether to forsake their Oath or fulfill it, Maedhros thought of Adanel and the promise he had made to her.  Though the Silmarils drove him to ultimate madness, he never forgot her nor forsook her.  And it is said among the Eldar that Maedhros was rewarded for his fidelity and met Adanel again in the Halls of Mandos and gained succor from the Valar.

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