Thursday, April 7, 2016

The Oath Chapter V

The penultimate installment of Maedhros denying his feelings, people getting mad at him, Oath breaking/fulfilling and all around elf-strife.  What fun!

This time in poetry form for added drama!

Here is recounted in small part a lay of the deeds done by the elves, who in battle, showed desperate, yet unavailing valor.

Far over the mountains of the cold North
rode Maedhros the Tall, and came he forth
to challenge the Dark Lord in his own hall
and fight him strongly and with all
the force he could muster to himself
the greatest force of dwarf, man, or elf.

His banner red shone in the sky;
among the hills echoed his battle cry.
The hooves of horses thundered loud;
upon them rode those warriors proud.
"For the Noldor!  For the Eldar!
Death to Morgoth, here shall we end all!"

Their swords they drew, and they shone
with light of star and they alone
knocked upon the gate of Morgoth's tow'r
and called him craven and a coward.
More elven hosts and forces strong
Came with aid over the distances long.

They met there on that battlefield,
the warriors upon their elven steeds.
The sun shone bright upon their helms
as they stood there to defend their realms
and reclaim their jewels of old
or so that is what I have been told.

Then smoke rose from the dell
where Morgoth and his foul brood dwells.
A choking smoke of death poured
and smote Maedhros, the elven lord.
It is told he took his shield
and rode along the desolate field.

He cried aloud for pain and force
and the hosts followed their planned course.
They flooded to the gates of steel
and suddenly, Morgoth began to feel
pain and fear of their attack
and it said that he went back.

All that day they fought with brawn
and continued the fight into the dawn
which came as red as fire,
that marked the Noldorin ire
but they lacked the vic'try
and bitter is it in elven memory.

Many of the brave ones were slain
and abandoned upon the plain they had lain
smothered in blood and mire and dirt
a blow to the Noldor, one that hurt
their forces and their elven pride
with wrath and pain they wept and cried.

The battle, early espoused
the sadness and anger it aroused
would kindle hearts to war and flame
and upon Morgoth they cast their blame.
A vow they took, they would not have peace
until Morgoth's power cease.

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