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The Oath Chapter IV

Alrighty, after this chapter only two more to go!  Enjoy!

Oh and just a quick side note, you may notice these quotes are all part of Feanor's speech as he riles the Noldor up to leave Valinor and also tie into the chapters in different ways.  See if you can find how they connect--like father, like son.

Summary: pretty much in this chapter, Adanel gets mad, Maedhros shoves his feelings down more and things escalate.

Also, I pretty much gave up on maintaining The Silmarillion style.  I am apparently not as good a writer as Tolkien was (who would have guessed?--that was sarcasm for the record).  I sort have some of the high style, but at the same time I have included more details and the dialogue is not as archaic.  Hopefully the story will make more sense and be more exciting now that I am actually writing in a style I feel comfortable with.  But maybe not.  We shall see ;)

Maedhros grew increasingly impatient.  The thought of Morgoth sitting upon his Dark Throne with the Jewels of Feanor set upon his Iron Crown drew him into a madness.  He became obsessed with regaining the Jewels.

Seldom would anyone speak to him openly save his closest war counselors.  Upon a day, however, Adanel ventured to approach.  She and Maedhros had not spoken for months and it was a weight upon her.

As she went in the room, Maedhros looked up.  His eyes were icy blue and he tried to conceal his surprise at seeing her.

"My lord," Adanel said, curtsying quickly.  Maedhros did not answer.  "Maedhros," she said, sternly, bending to make eye contact.  Maedhros was forced to look briefly but quickly darted his eyes away.  "What is it?" He said coldly.

She stood there for awhile in silence.  Finally, Adanel shook her head and knit her brow, "Why do you refuse to speak to me?" She said finally, picking up her courage, "Why do you turn your face away when I approach?"

"I am busy," Maedhros replied, temper rising.

"Not just now but any time I venture to speak to you.  Is it so wrong for me to desire your company?  To hear my lord's thoughts?  To speak to him?  Maedhros, respond!  Please."  She said, her voice rising.

"This is how you speak to your lord?"  Maedhros replied, indignantly.

"Ah, so that is how I get you to speak," Adanel said.  "Perhaps you will speak more often to me now.  Maybe you refuse to converse because you feel threatened...everywhere you look you see enemies and thieves.  You harden your heart to keep them out yet you misjudge them.  Us.  Me.  I am not a threat to you."

Maedhros swallowed.  He set down his map.  "Do you remember when we first met?"  He said calmly.  "Do you remember how I threatened you at sword point?"

Adanel nodded, "It would indeed be hard to forget that."

"I sensed something evil in the room that night.  Something dangerous to me.  I trust my senses.  And they were right.  You are the biggest threat to me--affection, attachment....that is what will get me killed and prevent me from fulfilling my Oath.  I cannot afford to attach myself."

Adanel frowned.  "You forget, Maedhros.  You forget the tales of your own father," she said, turning his chin to look at her intense gaze, "For even as you threatened me, he placed a blade upon the breast of his brother.  He believed his brother was a threat and he could not see that Fingolfin, my forefather, was not a danger to him but an aid.  You cannot see--blinded by your paranoia and distrust, you cannot see that I am not trying to hurt you.  I'm trying to help you."

Maedhros turned away quietly.  He sat quietly for a moment.  Finally, he grumbled,  "Leave.  Get out, go!  Or I shall call the guards and have you arrested!"  He growled, voice fraught with turmoil.  "I forbid you to speak to me under the penalty appointed for endangering my safety.  Get thee gone!"  He fell into the old speech, and immediately stifled his voice, realizing he had spoken the same as his father had in days long ago.

Adanel stood stunned.  She turned and fled the room.

In the coming of the fall, Maedhros sensed that Morgoth's strength waned and deemed that his time had come.  Therefore he called a gathering of all his people into the square and for the first time in months, spoke therewith to them, saying that he perceived the time had come to march upon the Dark Lord and soldiers were needed.

"Let it be known that our people will march upon Morgoth before the next autumn leaves fall and we will vanquish our enemy before the year is out--so let it be told or else I will hold my Oath unfulfilled and call the Everlasting Darkness upon myself.  Who will stand with me?  What soldiers will be brave enough to take on the coward Morgoth?"

Then one in the crowd stood forth.  It was Adanel.  She walked calmly up the aisle as elves parted for her, astounded by her forwardness.

Finally she spoke with the voice of doom.  "Once I believed you to be a great leader.  This is folly!  You are blind!"  Maedhros' eyes grew wide and he set his jaw.  "Guards!  Guards!"  He called, and he was wroth.  "Bind her and take her to the prison."  Adanel marched just before him.  "You will be doomed.  You add nothing but pain and death upon your Oath by this action."  Her jaw trembled and she grabbed Maedhros' hand.  "Please!"  She whispered.  "You sentence yourself and your warriors to death and despair!"

The guards advanced and grasped her arms.  They pulled her back.  "Please!"  She wept as they carried her through the crowd.  Maedhros stood, his arms slack watching in pain and confusion.

Adanel was kept in the prison.  In her desparation, she uttered a prayer to the Valar:

"O Manwe, though fey he seem, and madly he act, preserve Maedhros and his soldiers from the jaws of Morgoth and his treachery.  O Manwe with your clear sight, open his eyes to see the folly of his actions.  O Varda, hear my prayer as it is said you hear all who call upon you.  Bring him home, I beg thee in your eternal wisdom."

Through the window of her cell she could see Maedhros and the troops march for war.  She watched their red banner until it disappeared over the mountains.

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