Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Stuff Elves Say

Does this robe make me look like a dwarf?

What's the lineage of your sword?
New Line Cinema
Do remember that one time--I think it was maybe three thousand years ago--when...

Look at this rope I wove out of my own enchanted hair!  Cool, right?

I'm pretty sure the kids are playing in the river...probably summoning some water horses or something.  Should be fine.
Newline Cinema
Do you need someone to council you?  I'm on the job.

Do you think I'm ready to upgrade to a stronger bow?

Biggest dream in life?  To be as great as Finrod.

This harper is really good--we should have them play at every feast.

Hey, it's the Gates of Summer!  Let's go wait on the ramparts for the sun to rise!
Ted Nasmith.  Word of advice--don't wait on the ramparts.  Your city will fall if you do.  Just saying.
You're related to Galadriel?  Well I'm part Maiar so there.

Let's go look at the stars.

Are you tired?  Just sing a bit--it's very relaxing.

What's your favorite time of day: morning or evening?

Gah, my lute strings broke!

I'm worried about your brother.  He's spending too much time in the forge.  Nothing good happens in the forge.

Black hair, grey eyes and blue mantle?  That's so last Age.

Do you think if I stand in the woods long enough I will magically fall in love?
I heard they plighted their troth last Tuesday.

Can you come to the feast?  No, I'm busy--I have to engrave my heraldry on my shield.

Goodbye--we'll meet again in the West, mellon.


  1. "Black hair, grey eyes and blue mantle? That's so last Age." Hahaha! That one's my favorite :D

  2. Love these! Does this robe make me look like a dwarf is my favorite. :)