Friday, April 1, 2016

Reaction to Peter Jackson's Announcement

So today started off great--the sun was shining, it was a Friday, and I was feeling good.

As always, I visited The Tolkien Professor's Twitter to see if he had any announcements.  Indeed, he had tweeted a link which I followed.  I was met with the worst news I have received all week.

The article on this movie outlet was called "Peter Jackson's Plan for The Silmarillion".  I balked when I saw this title but ventured into the article.

For years I have been able to rest assured that Peter Jackson will never be able to get the copyrights to make The Silmarillion into a film.  Indeed, he did not get the rights, the article revealed.  However...

Technically, everything in The Lord of the Rings books is fair game for Peter Jackson to adapt, which means all the poems and things he did not incorporate into the movies.  One of the longest lays included, is the Lay of Leithian which Aragorn sings on the way to Rivendell.  Since technically Jackson has the rights, he decided to make a film about the story of Beren and Luthien, as well as the story of Earendil which is mentioned in another poem.

As I read this article I felt the heat rise to my face.  I was infuriated!  I am terrified they are going to completely butcher the story.  

I am not confident that any filmmaker, regardless of skill, will be able to do justice to this story that Tolkien held so near and dear to his heart.  I am equally angry at Peter Jackson for finding this little loophole.

Here is Peter Jackson's announcement:

"Fran, Philipa and I realized there was such a wealth of material that we were not able to include in the first film because of time constraints.  With the success of The Hobbit films, now we are able to go back and adapt those stories as well.  The story that caught our attention most was the tale of Beren and Luthien which we felt was a very important and magical story.  We look forward to proceeding with this project and hope to release this film for all you fans by 2018."

Christopher Tolkien (like me) was very disappointed and saddened to read this, responding:

"My father labored tirelessly over this, his most beloved work.  He never completed the work and indeed the portion I have endeavored to publish in the book, The Silmarillion, is a small fragment of the overall tale.  My father did not intend for this story to ever be produced and I cannot see it being made in a manner that does justice to the tale.  I can only urge the filmmakers to take back their plans, and distance my father's work from this idea."

As I mentioned, I am thoroughly upset with this announcement.  The only good thing about is...

...that it's fake!

There really is no plan for a film, nor are any of those statements from Peter Jackson or Christopher Tolkien.  I made it all up!  It took me an hour or two to put together that fraudulent image you see at the top, cropping, cutting, and pasting each letter to form the words I wanted...that website never published any article.
Happy April Fool's Day :)


  1. I kinda thought so!!! Good one though!!

  2. Ah man! I completely fell for it! XD
    Good one!

  3. Ohmigosh I totally fell for it! You're so good at this! XD

    Today, one of our homeschooling friends emailed my younger sister saying that her dad found a really good job in Florida and that they were moving at the end of the month. I was so sad but then she told me "APRIL FOOL'S!" I was laughing so hard... Just goes to show how I can be fooled easily I guess! But it was still really funny haha XD

    1. Haha, thank you! Oh that's a good prank XD

  4. *bangs head on desk repeatedly*
    Waaaahahahahah!!! >.< Why?? Why????
    Here I was, practically dancing in my seat and praising God for Peter Jackson's brilliant way of finding this loophole. I was preparing to respectfully disagree with your low hopes.... and then, and then-

    You dashed my hopes on the rocks as surely as Nienor met her end at in the river of Caben-en-Aras. -_-
    This comes as an even worse blow considering I've just been jonesing for a Silmarillion film these past few days.
    Well played, oh treacherous Lover of Lembas, well plays. I see who you truly are now: not man or elf, dwarf or hobbit....

    A troll.

    Happy April Fools, by the way! :)

    1. Bwahahahahaha my master plan is a success! *laughs maniacally*

      I mean it could have been worse though--at least your weren't LITERALLY in Nienor's position...that would be a bit more tragic, IMO.

      Haha I have finally achieved my life goal of becoming a troll XD

      Happy April Fools to you too!