Sunday, March 27, 2016

Mereth Veren Orthad Eruion!

The title of this post translates to Joyous Feast of the Rising of the Son of God!

Indeed I wish all of you a joyous day full of good food and family.

As for my Easter, one of the great traditions of my family is getting all together to dye eggs.  We have developed some interesting techniques--ranging from painting the eggs to scratching off die with utility knives, to using stickers to leave negative spaces, to mixing dyes and using tape, string, and a variety of different strategies with one goal in mind: win the competition.

You see, through out this whole time, my dad stays in the basement.  Then, once we are done we present the eggs to him anonymously and he ranks them all.  I don't often get into the top ten eggs, so I wasn't expecting much (and indeed I did not get in the top five, though I was got sixth place!).

I decided to make a theme egg, and looking at the egg I thought to myself: what about the eye of Sauron?

I dyed it orange and then tried to accent it with red and yellow.

It was looking pretty good, but then I added a bit too much red.

Finally, I thought the egg looked pretty good.  My dad didn't know what it was (he has seen the LOTR movies but he didn't like them that much--I guess I had built up his expectations too high) and yet he thought the egg had "an interesting texture" (probably from the millions of layers of paint I put on) and it made it to sixth place before it was eliminated.

Here are the final winners of the egg dying contest.

I hope you have a great Easter!

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