Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Story Starter I

My sisters and I used to play this game and you might have played it to, when someone will say one sentence or clause of a story and the next person will continue it and so on.  The story morphs and changes as you go around the circle of people and eventually you end up with a lot of creative tales.


I have a ton of different quotes from The Silmarillion that I really want to write a fanfiction about, and I thought to myself: hey, all my blog readers are really fantastic writers...why don't we do a collaboration?  So this is how it works (or how I hope it will work...).  I'm going to post a quote from The Silmarillion and we can build off of it and all work on the story together in the comments.  If you have any quotes you want to do a collaboration story on, feel free to leave them in the comments and I can make a new post-comment thread thingy (and yes, that is the technical term).  Okie-dokie, here we go!

The first story-starter from The Silmarillion:

"She [Miriel] went then to the gardens of Lorien and lay down to sleep; but though she seemed to sleep, her spirit indeed departed from her body, and passed in silence to the halls of Mandos.  The maidens of Este tended the body of Miriel, and it remained unwithered; but she did not return.  Then Finwe lived in sorrow; and he went often to the gardens of Lorien, and sitting beneath the silver willows beside the body of his wife he called her by her names.  But it was unavailing; and alone in all the Blessed Realm he was deprived of joy.  After a while he went to Lorien no more."

More of a sad one this time, but if you have other quotes, again, feel free to leave a suggestion.  I am a fan of dramatic stuff and that's mostly what I annotated for, but I enjoy a lighthearted tale any day.

Please feel free to contribute to the story no matter how much writing you do or what your talent.  Don't worry if you're not an expert on The Silmarillion.  You don't have to stick to any one style, either.  For instance, if I write in a style that's more like The Silmarillion, it's a-okay for you to write in a different style that's comfortable for you.  I want as many people as possible to contribute.  Your comment can be as long or as short as you would like and you can go as many times as you want.  I'm excited to see where this goes!


  1. ((Alright, I'll start it off))

    "You will come to the feast, won't you, my lord?" Asked a young elf as he walked off to go hunting.

    "No, my lad. I wish to remain here. Here is my heart," Finwe replied sadly.

    The young elf frowned. "You see all these other elves, all your other people smiling and being joyous and yet you are sorrowful." He said, slowing his horse down.

    There beneath the willow tree sat the high king of the Noldor, bent over with his cares, staring at the ground. He did not respond but a tear trickled out of his eye. "Go now. Trouble yourself not with my anguish," and he turned away.

    The elf rode away down the hill, considering what he had heard.

  2. Astride an ebony stallion, a tall, masterful elf watched the encounter. His raven hair swayed in the wind, and his dark eyes glinted with a secret, living flame. As the young elf rode toward him, however, his face fell and he pulled in a deep sigh.
    "I am sorry, Feanor, he would not come," the young elf said regretfully.
    "I knew he would not. I did try to warn you." Feanor replied with a dismissive shake of his head. "His grief is still too near."
    "How can you bear it?" the young elf asked as they turned their mounts to follow the rest of the hunting party.
    Feanor shrugged. "It has always been so in my memory. I take things as they come- and I remember that my days shall not always be thus shadowed. There are better things yet to come."
    "How so?" his friend inquired, noting the smile lurking on Feanor's lips.
    Feanor gave him a sidelong glance. "If you must know, I've met a maiden. Her name is Nerdanel."
    "And nothing, my friend. As I said, we've just met."

    * * *

    (I didn't know if you had a name in mind for that young elf...)

  3. ((I didn't originally but let's call him...Galathil? Looking up elvish names now...

    Oh and thanks for contributing--I was worried no one would continue the story which would be awkward, haha :))

    "Nothing, my lord? Please. I've known you long enough to know that it would take a special maiden to capture your attention. Pray tell...how did you meet her?"

    "Please, Galathil. Let's hunt, shall we?" Feanor sighed.

    "Fine, keep your secrets as it pleases you. I'm sure I'll find out soon enough," Galathil responded smiling slyly. "In any case, it would please me to see you finally settle down. You are to fiery for your own good and a wife should suit you well."

    "A wife! Galathil, we just met!" Feanor cried indignantly, coloring slightly.

    "Ah, right. I forgot." Galathil replied, spurring his horse. "We'd better catch up with the hounds if we are ever to get on with our hunt!"

    From the top of the hill, Finwe watched his son and Galathil ride away. "Oh Miriel my dearest, if only you could see your son now."