Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Book Shelf Tag

I did a tour of my bookshelf yesterday, and I was thinking it might be a fun thing to turn into a tag since I know there are so many wonderful book loving bloggers out there.  So I'm attempting to start my first tag!

The rules of the tag are simple:

  • Once you are tagged, copy and paste the image above into your new post.
  • Show readers your book shelf and explain what books are on there.  Pictures are always fun!
  • Tag as many other people as you want and copy-paste these instructions onto your post so they know exactly what to do.
  • Make sure to leave a link to your post on the site you were tagged (for instance, the people tagged below by me should leave a link to their post in the comments here)
So I've already done the tag in yesterday's post, but I didn't tag anyone.  The people I am going to start off by tagging today are:

Fawnabelle Baggins at Geeky, Nerdy, and Proud of It
Emma Jane at A Lantern in her Hand
Katie Grace at A Writer's Faith
Arda at In Western Lands
Chloe Linn at Rustling Thoughts
Erudessa Aranduriel at The Flowering Vales
Awdur at The Pen of Awdur
Emmarayn Redding at Writing in Rivendell
Lois Johnson at You, Me, and a Cup of Tea

Also I'm tagging anyone who has a book shelf they want to show off!  I'm excited to see what books you guys have!  Enjoy!

The book shelves of Minas Tirith


  1. Thanks for tagging me! I'll try and do this tag as soon as I can- but I want to wait for a little bit so that m dad can finish building the rest of my book shelf. I recently moved into a new bedroom so that I would have more space, so he said he would build one for me big enough to hold all the books.

    If it looks like it might be a while, I'll just line by books up and photograph them like that. :)

  2. I'll definitely participate! I'll steal my sister's camera and see if I can't get a few pictures up within the next two days. ;) Thanks for the tag! (I love tags, by the way).

    1. Of course! Can't wait to read your post :)

  3. Here is the link to my post.


  4. I finally did it! http://inwesternlands.blogspot.com/2016/02/sisterhood-bookshelf-tags.html

    1. Fantastic! I look forward to reading it :)

  5. Finally wrote mine! :D


    1. Goodie! Thanks for remembering to leave link :)