Monday, January 11, 2016

Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert represents The Lord of the Rings on a nationwide level: he is famous for knowing all things LOTR and repeatedly shows off his knowledge on both his former show, The Colbert Report, and his new show The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.  Of course since he is representative of all of us Lord of the Rings fans, he is a very important man!  There are three major instances where Stephen Colbert shows off his knowledge: his two-time duel with another famous Tolkien-related star, James Franco, and when he rediculed scientists for naming a new species of spider "Smeagol" instead of "Gollum".  In addition, Viggo Mortensen appeared on his show and gave him a replica of the sword Anduril, and Stephen Colbert went to New Zealand and appeared in a cameo in "The Desolation of Smaug" (as "Laketown Spy").
Stephen Colbert receives Anduril on The Colbert Report

He has mentioned that he named his car "Vingilot" after Earendil's ship which he sailed into the heavens bearing the Silmaril on his brow.  Obviously this guy knows his stuff.

Now Stephen Colbert is sometimes hailed as being king of the super-nerds, and it's one of his most famous quirks.  He consistently jokes that if you are understanding his references, you probably did not have many friends as a teenager.

You know that sometimes I can be irrational and possessive over my precious--um, I mean, the Lord of the Rings--and so I am always on the look out for when it is mentioned in the popular culture sphere (a dark place I rarely go).  Anyway, here are some of Mr. Colbert's most famous LOTR moments.

I've heard that some actors can be fussy or just downright rude, but I'm willing to bet that Mr. Colbert has never encountered an interview guest of this caliber.  But, it's true: busy Mr. Smaug the Magnificent made time to pop into the set of The Colbert Report to make a few comments. (Caution for slight language towards the end!)

James Franco is infamous for throwing down with Mr. Colbert and getting beaten both times (see below), but I would love to have a Tolkien showdown with Stephen Colbert!  (Hint, hint, Stephen Colbert if you're reading this...)

This is Stephen Colbert comparing The Lord of the Rings to the debt crisis of the U.S.  

Stephen Colbert represents us Tolkien nerds, and does a good job at it too.


  1. Haha that was good! I don't think I'm ready for a showdown just yet but I would definitely root for you ;)

    1. Haha, thank you. Maybe we could team up against him ;)

    2. You're welcome!

      That's an awesome idea! I'll start preparing... LOTR QUIZZES HERE I COME! :D

  2. These are funny! I'm pretty sure I'd do fairly decent in a showdown, but I know that there are plenty of people who are more dedicated to LOTR knowledge than I am. It would be interesting to see just how much I know off the top of my head...

    *goes to search some LOTR knowledge quizzes*

    1. Haha, I think you would do really well!