Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Soundtrack Listeners Beware!

Warning!  Prolonged listening to Howard Shore's soundtrack to The Lord of the Rings can lead to:

  • pretending to play the pan flute or the violin
  • singing along to intense chants
  • leading your neighbors into thinking you've having a medical problem when you try to hit that note in Into the West (...on the horizon!...why do the white gulls call?...)
  • yelling "For Rohan!" as loud as you can no matter where you are
  • running into walls because your eyes are closed as you listen
  • suddenly feeling an urge to learn to shoot a longbow 
  • pretending you are a benevolent king
  • wandering around in the woods
  • re-enacting intense scenes
  • wanting to learn to ride a horse
  • wandering around on a mountainside
  • wanting to build your own beacon just so you can light it...
  • insisting on doing things only in three hour, fifty-eight minute, and thirty-two second increments
  • wandering around on a prairie 
  • singing along to parts that should only be instrumental
  • pretending you are Enya
  • wandering around in a city you are pretending is Minas Tirith
  • walking dramatically in front of a sunrise
  • reciting poems and rustling parchment paper
  • wandering around somewhere hilly with lots of green grass
  • buying a giant pumpkin to carry around while you play Concerning Hobbits
  • wanting to re-watch the movies whenever you have approximately three hours to spare
Call 1-800-ELF-HELP if you exhibit any of these symptoms (just kidding :)

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  1. Lol I will definitely call that number! My neighbors already think im crazy lol. Thanks for sharing! I needed the laugh XD

    I'm watching ROTK EE right now. I got sick so I have plenty of time to watch the rest of the extended editions ;)

    BTW, TTT EE was AMAZING!!! :D

    1. Haha, sure thing ;)

      I hope you feel better soon, but at least you can enjoy watching the movies!

      I still have to see TTT EE...I'm glad you liked it though!

    2. Thanks I hope so too :)

      Yeah, it was really good! They added a lot of stuff from the books and some humor of course XD

      I particularly like the part where Pippin and Merry are drinking Ent-Draught and they were comparing their heights. It was cute :)

  2. What? You mean I've got a problem? I thought this was how everyone lived!!

    (Just kidding- I'm not actually that bad. ;)