Saturday, January 16, 2016

Road Trip!

Buckle up because we're taking a road trip to...Middle-earth!  Or New Zealand, rather.  It must be on every fan's bucket list to visit the beautiful locations The Lord of the Rings was shot at.

Stop #1: Marlborough
We'll start in The Hobbit.  Marlborough is home to the river used to shoot the scenes of the dwarves escaping the woodland king's halls in barrels.

Stop #2: Mount Cook 
Follow the dwarves all the way down the river and you will find yourself in Laketown!  Laketown scenes were shot in Mount Cook, and don't worry, unlike in Laketown, there are no dragons in those parts.

Stop #3: Matamata
Ah, end your trip through The Hobbit and rest up to get ready to embark on the Quest of the Ring right here in Hobbiton.  Matamata was worked on for a whole year before principal photography on The Fellowship, so it looks very realistic.

Stop #4: Wellington
Tired of running away from Ringwraiths?  Take a "short rest" here in Wellington where Rivendell scenes were shot.

Stop #5: Fernside Gardens
The enchanted wood of Lothlorien was filmed at the Fernside Gardens in New Zealand.  Stay close, young hobbits!  They say there is a great sorceress in these elf-witch of terrible power!


  1. *sigh* you just had to didn't you? Well I'm so glad you did. I really needed a dream to daydream today :D