Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Born of Hope and The Hunt for Gollum

These are the two most popular fan films made based around The Lord of the Rings.  I find it very inspiring--as an amateur film maker myself--to see such great work come out of fans.

The first one, "Born of Hope", is all about Arathorn and Gilraen, Aragorn's parents, and their struggles to survive along with the Dunedain--Sauron's more bitter adversary.

I really love how this story has conflict throughout.  It is really good at building character quickly, as well.  Some of the side characters actually had really well fleshed out personalities and I found myself really caring for each character.  Additionally, I think the quality of the film making was really spectacular.  They only had a limited budget and they still made it work.  It was a good call for them to base it around the Dunedain--who live in the wild and fairly primitive camps for a lot of the time--as opposed to say, the elves--who's sets would be much more elaborate and expensive.  The acting was really great, especially on Arathorn's part.

This second one is "The Hunt for Gollum".  I would have to say that "Born of Hope" is my favorite of the two, however.  Some of "The Hunt for Gollum" gets repetitive and dare I say tedious because there is a lot of just watching Aragorn walk around and I think a touch too many establishing shots.  Also, the CGI in some parts is not very realistic, but I didn't find it taking away too much from the film itself.  I think that it was a really original story line and it is pretty important to see what Gollum had been up to in the years between The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings.   One of the best parts was the score.

Both of these films are really fantastic and I am so happy that Lord of the Rings fans are willing to put their talents to such good use for all fans to enjoy.  Let me know what you think of each of these films in the comments below.  Abarad!


  1. I watched these quite a while ago and thought they were great! I agree with you- "Born of Hope" is the better of the two, though I thought that the guy who played Aragorn did a really good job. I was really impressed that the director and producers were able to pull this off- and paying out of pocket, too! The makeup artists were really good for the orcs, and the costumes are also quite well done.
    I actually feel like rewatching "Born of Hope" now. :)