Monday, December 14, 2015


Oops...I forgot to post yesterday.

Actually, I didn't.  I knew that I had to do the Tale from Valinor.  I hadn't much time to work on it throughout the week, so I had nothing more than I started with.  Then I said to myself: just finish both parts and you can be done with Maedhros.  I started...but my brain...has...nothing.  I am going to put Maedhros on the back-burner because I just can't get through this block.  Anywho, I was planning on writing a poem or vignette as the Tale from Valinor, and I even started!  I have proof!

But then I didn't actually end up finishing, and eventually I put it off and put it off again...until I forgot.  

I realized this morning and I felt terrible!  I have posted every single day since I started this blog (save four days when I was on vacation and didn't have access to internet) and now that streak has come to an end.  The worst part is, this is the second week in a row I have been forced to write an apology post.  Sorry, sorry, sorry!  Or in the words of the elves: Goheno nin Im naier, nae, gerich naergon nin.  

I'll do better next time.


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