Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Of the Tolkien Society

So yesterday I stumbled across the Tolkien Society website and fell in love.

I had always known about it, but I never really gave it a second thought.  I forget the exact reason, but somehow I ended up there and it blew my mind.   I was reading and rereading each blog post, checking each and every event, and basically I went through the entire website devouring every bit of knowledge I could.

Their blog is amazing with lots of society members contributing to create a fantastic atmosphere and they had a lot of unique takes on any given Tolkien subject.  The people there really know what they are talking about.

I love all of their events and I think about what I wouldn't give to be able to go to Oxonmoot, their biggest event and celebration of Tolkien.  But they have little things too, like the birthday toast to Professor Tolkien on January 3rd (which I am marking as soon as I get my new 2016 calendar!).

They even have their own magazines--two actually.  They have Mallorn which is a yearly publication and Amon Hen which is bimonthly.  Oh how I wish I was a member so I could get those!  It's too late to put it on my Christmas list, but maybe I can save up enough to be a member in the future.

But what really intrigued me was it's material on education, paper writing and essays.  They have a whole section filled with free materials to help teachers and students alike with academic research on Tolkien.  They have so many great ideas that I hope to use some of them to write my own essays which I can post here.

They linked me to a number of different blogs and websites which I promptly bookmarked including:

Houghten Mifflin- which has a whole course devoted to the wonderful work that is The Lord of the Rings
Waymeet For Tolkien Teachers- which is a resource for teachers aiming to teach concepts through Lord of the Rings
The LOTR Project Blog- all kinds of things about Lord of the Rings; data about hobbit names and ages, hand-drawn maps, family trees, quotes, anything you can conceive Lord of the Rings related
Middle-earth- Another blog about Lord of the Rings that answers your questions and thoughts

Inspired to find other LOTR websites, I also came across J.R.R. Tolkien's Facebook page run by his publishers.

I hope you enjoy exploring the sites as much as I did!

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