Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Lego Lord of the Rings Wii Game

My sister gave me the Lego Lord of the Rings video game for the Wii for Christmas!

I have never actually played a Lego video game, so I didn't know what to expect.  Like the 2002 EA Two Towers video game I have for Gamecube, it started off by going through the movie and stopping when there was action.  The training sequence was actually exactly the same: you start off as a character at the Battle of the Last Alliance.  One interesting thing about this game is it is multi-player.  Also, you can hurt people on your own team.  For instance, I accidentally kept hitting my sister who was playing with me and she actually lost some life power.

After a while battling Sauron (which was really awesome!) and running up Mt. Doom to throw the Ring into the fire (as Isildur and Elrond), we finally got to play as Sam and Frodo and go exploring around the Shire!  This is my favorite part of the game so far.  We collected coins and wandered around the Party Field.  Eventually we realized we were supposed to be collecting maps and other objects in order to advance to the next level.

We ended it up in Farmer Maggot's crop and met Merry and Pippin.  There was even a Lego scythe chasing us!

Then the story line split between the Ringwraiths chasing us and the wizard battle between Gandalf and Saruman at Orthanc.  I played Gandalf while my sister became Frodo.

Obviously I haven't gotten very far into the game, but so far it has been really fun.  I must confess that I am not the best (at this or any video games...) but I still have a good time playing it, which is the mark of a good video game. 


  1. You got to explore the Shire?! That's totally awesome! But that's weird how you can hurt each other. Oh well, a little bruise never hurt Gandalf :D