Friday, December 11, 2015

A Camelot Connection

I've been reading Le Morte d'Arthur, the Death of Arthur recently.  I came across something that sounded strikingly familiar.  Start reading at "Nay, said Balin..." about half way down the page.
First  of all, the name Balin is in there, but I don't think it is too significant since this knight doesn't bear any similarity to the dwarf in The Hobbit.

I actually meant the whole part about Balin choosing to take the sword.  The lady tells him not to take it because bad things will occur--like the slaying of his best friend and ultimately himself--but Balin takes it anyway.  And lo and behold, that does actually happen later on.

Who does that remind you of from The Silmarillion?

Beleg!  Beleg takes the sword Anglachel from Doriath even though Melian advises him against it.  Eventually, it does end up killing Beleg (when Túrin slays him) and Beleg's best friend (who happens to be Túrin, when he slays himself after realizing the truth about Nienor).  I wonder if Tolkien was inspired by this?  Or was it sheer coincidence?

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  1. Ooh! Fascinating! Mysterious! Who knows??? (DUN DUN DUUN!!!!) XD I'm serious!