Monday, November 30, 2015

The Hobbit Casting

My review of the actors and actress (singular) in The Hobbit movies.

Martin Freeman- I think his performance was one of the single best things about the movies.  His mannerisms and his quirkiness was enjoyable to watch, for sure.  I especially love his interaction with Thranduil in BOTFA.

Benedict Cumberbatch- I am a huge fan of Mr. Cumberbatch!  I love his work in Sherlock (a BBC adaptation that also stars Martin Freeman) and of course he is superb as Smaug.  If you actually watch some of the videos of him acting as Smaug and doing the voice, you will see that there was not that much modification from the actual sound he was emitting to the finished product of the Smaug the Tyrannical you see in the film.

Richard Armitage- Outstanding job all around.  I think that he really was the "important" dwarf he was described as being in the books.  It's true that in BOFTA he had kind of a pressed character arc...he became greedy very quickly and healed all of a sudden.  This is not Mr. Armitage's fault, but rather the pacing in the last movie I felt to be off because of all the additives (by which I mean the excessive coverage of the battles and unnecessary and poorly timed "comic relief" episodes with the servant to the master of Laketown.  But I digress...let's focus on the acting of the film).

Luke Evans- Mr. Evans plays Bard the Bowman in "The Desolation of Smaug" and "The Battle of the Five Armies".  I thought that his actual acting was alright.  It didn't stand out to me as anything special in comparison with Martin Freeman.  In fact (not to end up on another rampage about the filmmaking--must resist!) I felt that his character was overemphasized.  Again, not his fault!

Ian McKellan- I actually am surprised (and it may surprise many of you) that I felt Sir McKellan's performance seemed sort of forced throughout the course of the films.  I've actually seen interviews where he said that he was having a really hard time acting and getting into the rhythm of things because most of his scenes were shot alone in front of a green screen.  I think that this may be one of the reasons why his role is not as defined as it was in The Lord of the Rings.

Evangeline Lilly- Aside from Cate Blanchett's brief cameo, Evangeline Lilly's character, Tauriel, is really the only female character.  Now it is probably pretty clear to my long-time readers that I strongly, emphatically, fundamentally disagree with everything Tauriel and her role stand for.  Everytime I see Kili-Tauriel, I get a bad taste in my mouth that makes me want to brush my teeth for five hours (plus).  Besides the fact that her character is unnecessary and undermining of the story, I would also suggest that the acting isn't very good.  It seems melodramatic and very Mary-Sue.  Meh...the movies would have been so much better without her.


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    1. Elf! Thanks for sending me this quiz!

    2. That's so cool! You're welcome! BTW, are there going to be two parts? You didn't give your opinion on the "singular actress"... Just a question. I really enjoyed it nonetheless :D

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