Sunday, November 1, 2015

Tales from Valinor: Estel

"Alright, Frodo.  Are you ready?" Elrohir said, settling onto a chair.  Frodo and the twins were gathered in the still-under-construction library.  A fire roared in the fireplace and it was a great night for a story.  Frodo nodded and sat back.

"So the first day I met Estel he was but a lad.  But Elladan and I go grew very close to him.  He was almost like our brother.  Of course we were quite a bit older than him, but Estel was always up for whatever game or trick we had planned.  He was an excellent fisherman.  One day we went fishing on the Bruinen and he caught a trout bigger than he was.  All three of us had to haul it out of the river...we had a good feast that night.

"Estel always would go shooting with us.  He was an excellent archer, but where he really excelled was with swordmanship.  Glorfindel instructed him mostly in that, but occasionally Elladan or I would foolishly challenge him to a duel.  Haha, once we made a bet.  Elladan ended up having to run through the woods at night in the middle of winter. 

"I wonder how Arwen and Estel are doing..."

"We should contact them!"  Elladan exclaimed.  "You know there is a Palantír on Tirion?  I would dearly love to speak to them," Elrohir nodded enthusiastically.  Frodo, Elladan, and Elrohir agreed to meet and send a message to the King and Queen of Gondor.


Shorter post today.  I have been having writers block and I can't find my brainstorming sheet anywhere...
I hope you enjoyed this mini story and leave suggestions for next week.  Abarad!

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  1. Yay! Can't wait to see what happens next! Good luck finding your brainstorming paper! :D