Monday, November 23, 2015

Laer Cu Beleg

I wrote a poem!

I have tried on various occasions to write a poem or verse, and it always ends up painfully bloated and meaningless.  

At the same time, I have always been disturbed by the mention of a lament that Túrin wrote for Beleg that was never actually published!  It is mentioned at Túrin created and sang it, but we never actually get the real words.  Therefore, I put my mind to writing The Song of the Great Bow myself, and here it is.

Laer Cú Beleg

The string was pulled,
The string was taut,
The arrow loosed,
The wind it caught.

Far over hill and dale it soared,
To serve both friend and mighty lord.
Pursuing one with cursed name,
Through peril and through fire and flame.

Strong friend was he, both brave and true,
His strength and fire ever grew,
Until a flame that burned as bright,
As Silmarils in evening light.

His love was but to defend,
He was a true and loyal friend,
Valor and honor were his wont,
And it led him to a bitter end.

Against evil he bravely fought,
But evil was the one he sought,
Who pierced him through with frozen blade,
And only pain and sorrow brought.

No more in fair woods will he sing,
No evening light or glow he bring.
These woods are barren wasted lands,
Wrought with lament for truest friend.


  1. SO AWESOME! I guess poetry just takes practice and time... Great job! :)