Thursday, November 26, 2015

30 Day Challenge Day XXVI

Character you Pity Most

I think the Húrin family takes the pity crown in this case.  Their entire family was a disaster!  Túrin specifically murdered two people accidentally, one of which was his best friend, he indirectly caused the death of Finduilas, an elf, caused the downfall of Nargothrond and the deaths of many of its citizens, and to top it all off, he (unknowingly) married and impregnated his own sister.  Túrin's life was pretty much tragedy after tragedy.

In the actual Lord of the Rings, the character I pity most is Faramir.  Especially in the movies, I feel so bad for him when his father rejects him.  I am happy, though, that (unlike Túrin) Faramir found happiness in the end with Èowyn in Ithilien.


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  1. I pity Faramir too. I also pity Smeagol. It's too bad he had to suffer so much. I also pity Denethor a little. Just the slightest. I mean he was so sad when Boromir died and that's the reason he was hard on Faramir. It's kind of sad all around. But I think some people have to suffer in order for others (or themselves) to be happy in the end :)