Sunday, April 24, 2016

30 Day Challenge Day XXV

Epic Actors' Saying

I'm not quite sure what this category means, to be quite honest.  Are we looking for a quote that one of the LOTR actors said?  Or maybe just a quote from the movies?  I'm not sure...

So I'm just going to change the category to "Epic Actors", and here is my run down of the actors in the movies.

Elijah Wood- The front man of the series, I imagine that Elijah Wood felt the pressure when he was cast as the main character of the most beloved story of the twentieth century.  While there are some blatant physical differences between book and movie Frodo (book Frodo is plumper and older and movie Frodo is well...young and handsome), I think that Elijah Wood pulled off the character swimmingly.  He is very good at portraying pain and regret.

Sean Astin- If you don't already know it, I am a big fan of Sean Astin.  I think that he had one of the best performances in the entire series of films.  Sam is a favorite character of mine and there are so many ways the movie could have butchered it, but I am so relieved that Sean Astin pulled it off.

Dominic Monaghan-  Dom is my least favorite character in the fellowship of actors.  Something about his cadence is sort of unsettling and I just don't see him fitting in with the other hobbits.

Billy Boyd-  Billy Boyd is great!  I especially love his acting in The Return of the King.  He has some great moments of transition and development and of course Edge of Night is stunning.

Orlando Bloom-  Peter Jackson really pulled this one out of his hat.  The Fellowship of the Ring was the first movie Orlando ever appeared in, and I think he did okay.  Of course he is fun to watch shoot and fight, but overall I feel like his actual dialogue delivery and facial expressions are sub-par and not necessarily the best of the fellowship.

Ian McKellan-  I can't really say anything bad about this actor, though I am not as die-hard a fan as many people are.

John Rhys-Davies- I think that he did wonderfully!  The movie didn't really give much time for explaining dwarves, and yet, coming away from the movies you can still tell exactly what dwarves (or at least what the dwarves in the movies) are like, due to the great acting of John Rhys-Davies.

Viggo Mortensen- Viggo Mortensen is my favorite actor out of all the movies.  Not only is he a great actor, but he also seems like an all around down to earth, good person.  He takes on his challenging role and owns the character.  I like his character better than the book Aragorn to be quite honest.  When he says "For Frodo" in The Return of the King, my heart melts.

Bernard Hill- Bernard Hill plays King Theoden in The Two Towers and The Return of the King.  I cannot say enough about his acting.  He portrays the desperation and firm resolve of the character perfectly.  He was also in the movie Titanic, and my sister always jokes that he is always between a rock and a hard place, whether it's an iceberg or the impending armies of Mordor.

Miranda Otto- Miranda Otto plays Eowyn.  Her character is much more fragile and frail than what it sounds like Eowyn is like in the books.  I think all around she does alright, although the "I am no man" does sort of fall flat compared to the book.  For me, I really liked Eowyn's laugh before this moment and I wish that it had been included.

Hugo Weaving- While much different from book Elrond (who seems more royal), Hugo Weaving has a great voice and screen presence which is important for his character.  I think he did a great job.

Liv Tyler- I think Liv Tyler does a good job with what she was given.  As I've said before in other posts, she does a particulary outstanding job in the scene when Aragorn is crowned king.

The Lord of the Rings has the best collection of actors I have ever seen, and I wouldn't change any casting choices.  Five stars, all around.


  1. You totally hit the nail on the head! In the future, could you do the same for the Hobbit movies? It would be interesting...

    1. Thanks! That sounds interesting, I think I will do that! But beware, it might just be a rant about how awesome Benedict Cumberbatch is :) ....

    2. Lol! He was pretty good... I think Martin Freeman did the best he could. That's all I can say for now. I'll save my comments for the other posts. If you're not posting tomorrow, have a Happy Thanksgiving!