Sunday, November 29, 2015

30 Day Challenge Day XXIX

Your LOTR Collection

I've already done a whole post on this topic which you should check out.  But, there have been a few new arrivals since that time, and so here is an update.

This is my new Two Towers book.  I couldn't find my paperback copy and I needed a new one fit for writing in and overall wear and tear.  I got this for $2 at a used books store.  I am hoping to get a nice box set of hardcover Lord of the Rings for Christmas which will be my nice, clean, editions.  

I also ordered two throw pillows from Amazon, one with the tree of Gondor on it an one with a map of Middle-earth and they should be arriving sometime in late December.

I found The Two Towers and The Fellowship VHS tapes in my basement that I didn't know about as well.

So my total collection is:

  • Lord of the Rings DVD Set (all three in Widescreen)
  • The Two Towers and The Fellowship of the Ring VHS Tapes (I can't find The Return of the King)
  • The Silmarillion (softcover)
  • The Hobbit (softcover)
  • The Fellowship (hardcover)
  • The Two Towers (softcover, see above)
  • The Return of the King (softcover)
  • The Hobbit Audio Recording Box set of three CDs
  • "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" Movie Poster
  • Evenstar Necklace 
  • Legolas Cup
  • Lord of the Rings (film) Trivial Pursuit (collector's edition)
  • Parchment Map of The Desolation of Smaug (my friend made it for me)
  • Meduseld 3D Puzzle
What do you have in your collection?


  1. Hello there! I'm so excited for Christmas this year because I have been expanding my collection on every Christmas. I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE WHAT BOOKS I'M GOING TO GET! But so far I have a pretty good load:

    The Silmarillion (mini paperback)
    The Hobbit (given from my old school mini paperback)
    The Fellowship of the Ring (full size paperback)
    The Two Towers (old mini paperback)
    Return of the King (full size paperback)
    The History of Middle-earth Box Set 1-5 (mini paperbacks)
    Tolkien A Dictionary (not sure if it counts...)
    A Hobbit, A Wardrobe, and A Great War (not sure if this counts either...)
    A Desolation of Smaug Blanket
    A BOTFA poster of Bard
    Another BOTFA poster of Galadriel and Gandalf
    Two lanyards from the premiere of BOTFA
    And a poster of the Map of Middle-earth

    This year I asked for a full size paperback of the Two Towers, The Children of Hurin, and/or The Adventures of Tom Bombadil. BTW, have you seen this blog before? It's pretty cool! But a little creepy in a good way... ;)

    1. Wow, impressive collection! I checked that blog--it's awesome! It led me to the creator's personal blog, In Western Lands which is also amazing (I thought you might like some of her stuff about Star Wars). Anyway, thanks for sharing!

    2. Thanks! I haven't checked out her blog yet but I'm sure I'll find some time today to do it. Have a nice day! :D