Tuesday, November 17, 2015

30 Day Challenge Day XVII

Favorite Male Character

Other than Sam?



  1. My favorite male character is Frodo :)

    1. Frodo is great! I know you haven't read all of The Return of the King yet, but so far, do you prefer movie or book Frodo?

    2. Definitely BOOK Frodo. And not because I didn't like Frodo in the movie. I prefer Frodo in the book because he says a lot of great lines and in the movie they took some out. :'(

    3. I agree! Especially towards the end of The Return of the King during the Scouring of the Shire, Frodo shows great character development which was unfortunately not featured in the movies.

    4. *sigh* It's a shame. Really it is. I kind of feel bad for Frodo. In the movies, I feel like his character gets pushed down. Like in FOTR, he looks so helpless when he gets stabbed by a morgul blade. But in the book HE is the one who wields the Nazgul away not Arwen!

    5. Could not agree more!

      "'Go back to the land of Mordor and follow me no more!'"

    6. You said it! I know for a fact, we could go on and on and on saying how much cooler BOOK Frodo is. *sigh* Pure entertainment and epicness...