Friday, November 6, 2015

30 Day Challenge Day VI

Best of Thorin's Company

In The Hobbit book, there is not much distinction between individual dwarves besides Thorin and Balin.  Otherwise, many of he dwarves are essentially the same.  In the movies, there is more of a distinction, particularly by highlighting (and altering...) the characters of Fili and Kili.

There is not much to go off of to choose a favorite, but I think overall I would have to go with Balin.  He is the one dwarf to actually be brave enough to accompany Bilbo part way down the hallway of The Lonely Mountain.  He is the only dwarf who remains faithful even when the others are ready to sell Bilbo's life for some gold.

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                      Balin, son of Fundin


  1. My favorite dwarf is Balin. (twinsies! :D) But my favorite of the company is Bilbo!

    1. Oh yes, Bilbo is my fav too. I guess I didn't even think of him when I thought of Thorin's company. *facepalm*

    2. Lol I guess I realized it because I'm writing about it!